Participant 8 - TWI Ltd (UK) (RTD)

TWI is one of Europe’s foremost independent not-for-profit research and technology organisations with an annual turnover of €60 million. TWI works across all industry sectors with expertise in key aspects of materials and materials joining. The majority of TWI’s activities (65%) are contract research, funded by industry and built around the development of advanced technologies. Part of TWI’s focus is to promote the manufacturing freedoms offered by metal based AM technologies in industries such as aerospace, military and medical and to drive innovation on the complimentary nature of both additive and subtractive processes. TWI is an active participant in collaborative research programmes in Europe and the UK with main topic being rapid or additive manufacturing and particular in the process development of SLM and LMD. The experience of TWI staff and range of equipment housed at the Yorkshire facility, give the company an outstanding range of capabilities which are relevant to a range of applications. These include the manufacture of functional components, the modification and repair of high value components and the development of prototypes. TWI has also been developing and selling software products to support customers in welding, engineering and training for over 30 years.