Participant 6 - University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca (Romania) (RTD)


UMFCJ is an academic organization which originates from the Medical Faculty within the University of Cluj. Over the years, UMF imposed itself as a top teaching and scientific research higher education establishment in the medical and pharmaceutical field in Romania. At the moment, UMF is the first academic institution in the top of medical and pharmaceutical universities in the Northwest region and the second in Romania, outrun only by the University of Bucharest, which dues its priority, among others, especially to the fact that in 1974 the Romanian born American cell biologist – Professor Doctor Emil Palade has won the Nobel Prize. The university comprises three faculties (medical, pharmaceutical and dental), six university colleges, twelve departments – all inside Faculty of Medicine, ten Research centres and one Excellence centre. In present, there are over ten thousands students unrolled at UMF.